Teaching Drought with Britannica School

September 3, 2018

With large parts of Australia stricken by drought, help your primary and middle school students develop a contextual understanding of this trending topic using these inquiry based activities.

As drought continues to devastate Australian farmers and agriculture, help your students gain an understanding of this natural disaster, and why its effects on society and the environment can be so catastrophic and wide-reaching.

The following lessons are designed for primary and secondary students at all reading levels and contain resources from Britannica School and other online sources. Contact your library staff to see if your institution already has access or claim your own Britannica School free trial.

Lesson Plan: Foundation – 2

This unit sets out to help students develop an understanding of drought in Australia and it’s impact on people and places.

Lesson Plan: Years 6 – 8

Students investigate the cause and complexity of drought and climate variability, examine the social and environmental consequences of drought and devise solutions to combat water shortage.

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