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Live Training

LumieLabs live training for subscribers


You will be guided through finding, customising and assigning curriculum-linked video projects on LumieLabs. Also get ready to learn how you can create a video from scratch, including clip editing, transitions, adding text, sound, voice overs and even special effects! Certificates can be provided.

We currently offer free online training for LumieLabs by request. You are welcome to request training for groups or on a one-to-one basis. To schedule a session, please submit a request via our contact form.

Only available to existing subscribers of LumieLabs.

Past webinar

LumieLabs: Teaching Information Literacy


In the digital age, young people are not only required to be consumers of media, but also active and ethical users and creators. Britannica’s workshop sets out to understand Information Literacy’s vital role in the classroom and the ways to implement Information Literacy through media creation.

This session covers:

  • Information Literacy basics
  • What is Digital and Media Literacy?
  • Information Literacy and the Curriculum
  • Information Literacy and Britannica LumieLabs

Recommended for all K-12 teachers, librarians and education leaders looking for practical tips and ideas on how Information Literacy can be easily and effectively added to your teaching toolkit!

This session was first recorded in 2019.

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