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Expedition: Learn! from Britannica is a powerful, flexible digital resource that builds literacy while developing content-area knowledge in science and social sciences.

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Puts the power at your fingertips

Expedition: Learn! puts the power of trusted, validated Britannica content at your fingertips with ready-to-use lessons on key concepts in science and social sciences.

How Expedition: Learn! Works for Students

Each digital lesson offers a 4-stage guided journey towards discovery and understanding.

1. Spark interest

Each lesson begins with a video that introduces the topic. Key terms are defined and displayed throughout the lesson, and students respond to questions and draw conclusions from the video.


2. Build understanding

A fact-checked Britannica article, available at four different reading levels, helps students explore the topic in depth. Auto-scored assessments follow each article to check for comprehension, vocabulary knowledge, and understanding.


3. Connect learning

A series of questions helps students connect the information presented in this lesson to their own learning, encouraging them to draw on their own experiences in their responses.


4. Explore more

Students have the opportunity to dive deeper into the topics using additional Britannica resources, ideal for inquiry-based learning and research projects.


How Expedition: Learn! Works for Teachers

Customise Britannica’s Expedition Learn! to meet your classroom needs!

  • find-and-assign-icon
    Find and Assign

    Search topics by subject and year level, keyword, or recently added lessons.

    See a short overview of what's included in the lesson and student outcomes.
    Select the class to assign the lesson, the start and end date and the default reading level.
    Preview the entire lesson, including videos, articles, images and assessments items.
    Downloadable teacher materials to guide instruction.
  • monitor-assess-icon
    Monitor and Assess

    Monitor student progress in real-time to track learning and growth.

    Filter reports by class and lesson.
    View a summary of your students' correct and incorrect answers at a glance.
    See the time that students spent on each question.
    Click on a student to see a detailed breakdown of their individual responses.

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