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Improve reading comprehension and provide additional sources for research with Britannica’s ever-expanding e-book collection. With titles ranging from early childhood through high school, our informational e-books are Lexile-leveled and cover the entire curriculum, from language arts, maths, science and social studies, to sports, music, art and many other subjects, including Spanish and bilingual titles.

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“[Text] is marked by engaging pictures that create questions, easy to read text that challenges students with more questions, and skill building sections that build reference skills. ”

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“...extraordinary and thoroughly 'reader friendly' in content, organisation and presentation, making it an ideal and invaluable addition to school and community library reference collections. ”

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“The text in each book of this series goes into great depth about the subject, including the history of the topic, notable people and concepts, and various fields within each area of study. ”

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