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Over 1400 titles, from early childhood to high school

Improve reading comprehension and provide additional sources for research with Britannica’s ever-expanding e-book collection. With titles ranging from early childhood through high school, our e-books are Lexile-leveled and cover the entire curriculum, from language arts, maths, science and social studies, to sports, music, art and many other subjects! Spanish and bilingual titles available.

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Britannica E-Books can be used across a number of popular platforms, including Britannica E-Stax.

Britannica E-Stax is available free of charge with any E-Books purchase or subscription. It provides citations, social/sharing options as well as the ability to take notes, bookmark, highlight and save. Custom MARC records are also available.

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Britannica’s nonfiction e-books are available either as an annual subscription or for purchase. Full content ownership gives you perpetual access, with an option to have either one or unlimited users.

With an annual subscription, you can enjoy year-long, unlimited access to a wide variety of e-books of your choice on Britannica’s E-Stax platform.

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