Media Literacy
for the Digital Era

A School Guide to Navigating Modern Media

In a world of endless content streams, platforms, and generative AI, empower students to become informed media users with insights, strategies, key terms, classroom activities, and more.

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Media Evolution Timeline

From Print to Pixels

Journey from the inked pages of newspapers to the instant digital world of TikTok. Witness the dramatic transformation of media, driven by technological innovation and societal changes, profoundly impacting education worldwide.

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Crossword Challenge

Merriam-Webster Meets Media Literacy

Dive into our crossword, where Merriam-Webster definitions serve as clues. Answers highlight terms from our Media Literacy guide, blending fun with learning.

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Educator’s Blog

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Key media literacy terms, definitions and activities to make them stick!

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How good are you at spotting AI generated images? Take this quiz to find out.

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Award-winning Australian educator Pooja Mathur shares her insights on fostering digital literacy and global citizenship.

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“More than 50% of students are not even moderately confident in whether they can recognise false information online.”

News Literacy Project

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Editorial Process

Meet our Editorial Team

Britannica uses a thorough and meticulous editorial process to deliver trusted information worldwide. As a result, students and educators across the globe have unparalleled access to expert knowledge across subject areas, while educators trust they are putting safe, appropriate, and vetted resources into the hands of students.

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