Climate Change: A 5Es Inquiry Project (Teaching Guide)

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Britannica educators have partnered with the United Nations Global Goals to call upon schools, educators and students to amplify, reflect and act on the challenges that affect every one of us.

The 5Es Teaching and Learning Model is an inquiry model that guides students through five progressive phases of learning: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate.

When applied to scientific learning, the 5Es Model encourages students to apply prior knowledge and experiences, pose questions, engage in hands-on learning and conduct investigations to construct their own meaning.

Climate Change: A 5Es Inquiry Project will educate middle school students on the issues surrounding climate change. It will lead students towards deeper connections, understanding and ultimately action. As the call for critical change grows around the world, ensure that your students are informed, engaged and prepared to take on the most important conversation of their generation