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Help your students stay connected while learning from home. Create a custom virtual lesson using Britannica LaunchPacks with just 3 steps.

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Choose a LaunchPack

Britannica LaunchPacks are ready-to-use bundles of multimedia resources aligned to topics covered in the K-12 Science and HASS curriculum. To build your virtual lesson, start by selecting a Pack!


Choose a starter activity

Click on the starter activities below to download differentiated instructions and questions to add to your Pack. These actvities are designed to help students engage more closely with the Pack’s contents. They are also great for fostering critical skills such as reading comprehension, making predictions and understanding perspectives.

Did you know that some Packs already come with a starter activity included? See the full list. 


Assign to students

Almost done! Once you have completed your virtual lesson, you can assign it to your students using most e-learning platforms, including Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams or your LMS that integrates with LaunchPacks. Watch how Hannah, one of our former school teachers, uses Google Classroom to assign her LaunchPacks lessons.

Watch Hannah’s demo

Transition classroom learning to virtual engagement. Build your own virtual lesson today.

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