New on ImageQuest: AGB Photo Library & Pictures From History

June 22, 2022

Britannica ImageQuest—the educational image library that provides access to over 3 million rights-cleared images not freely available on the Web—adds 20,000+ images to its inventory.

ImageQuest adds to its database hundreds of new images related to the Ukraine refugee crisis and anti-war protests, as well as two brand new collections from AGB Photo Library and Pictures From History. ImageQuest now features a total of 3,504,525 images from 65 collections.

New Collection

Pictures From History Showcases Images from Asia

An informative study on Asia’s cultural, artistic and religious diversity through historical photographs, maps, documents and artworks.

From Left to Right: North Korean leader Kim Il Sung together wth his heir and successor Kim Jong Il (Pictures From History); Syria: The ancient wool and leather suq within Aleppo’s Great Bazaar (David Henley / Pictures From History); China: ‘Court Ladies Wearing Flowered Headdresses’. Detail of handscroll painting by Zhou Fang (c. 730-800), late 8th century (Pictures From History); Japan: Three women making fans, c.1915 (Pictures From History); China: Emperor Yongzheng (1678 – 1735), 5th ruler of the Qing Dynasty, reading a stitch-bound book (Pictures From History); China: The street of traditional pharmacologists, Hong Kong, late 19th century (Pictures From History).

Pictures From History has been digitising images of Asia since 2010. Founded in Hong Kong and now based in Thailand, it specialises in contemporary and historical images of Asia, with subspecialties in Africa, Antiquities, Religion, Islam and the Muslim World.

Pictures From History adds 14,000 images to ImageQuest’s archive, including special image collections on Ancient Angkor, Silk Road, Mandate of Heaven: Three Thousand Years of Chinese Emperors, Islamic Science, Women in Asian History and more.

Descriptive titles or captions add important background information and historical context to each image, making this collection an excellent source for visual learning and research.

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New Collection

A Comprehensive Coverage of Brazil with AGB Photo Library

From the church spires of world-heritage listed Ouro Preto to a dusty game of soccer in Caracol, Piauí, take a visual tour of Brazil right from your library or classroom.

AGB Photo Library ImageQuest
From Left to Right: Dunes in Lencois Maranhense (Laurent Guerinaud/AGB Photo Library); Paraty, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil (AGB Photo Library); Fly over on the Pantanal Sulmatogrossense. Corumbá. Mato Grosso do Sul. Brazil (Eduardo Justiniano/AGB Photo Library); Religious, Belém, Pará, Brazil (AGB Photo Library); Thunder over buildings in the City of Sao Paulo, Brazil (Laurent Guerinaud/AGB Photo Library); San Pedro of Atacama Church, Chile (Laurent Guerinaud/AGBPhotoLibrary).

AGB Photo Library is a comprehensive visual library of contemporary Brazil, featuring images of the country’s cultural heritage; cuisine; nature and wildlife; industry; agriculture; geography; regions, cities, and towns; and much more.

A 100% Brazilian company, featuring works from locally-based photographers, the AGB collection provides people of all ages with an authentic look at all of Brazil, from its bustling cities to its jungles and farmlands.

Additional Updates

Ukraine Anti-war Protests and Refugee Crisis

Ukraine ImageQuest
From Left to Right: Demonstrators Protest The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine In Amsterdam (Paulo Amorim / VWPics); Venice marches to protest Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (Mirco Toniolo – Errebi/AGF/Universal Images Group); Ukrainian refugees at the Romainian border (Giulio Paletta / UIG); Romania Ukraine border. Hundreds of refugees fleeing the war arrive in emergency structures built by the Romanian government near the Siret border (Alessandro Serrano’/AGF/Universal Images Group).

In addition to the two new collections, this update also includes images related to Ukraine, specifically depicting the refugee crisis and anti-war protests. Find over 400 photos documenting these events under the Universal Images Group collection.

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