Ancient Civilisations: Queens of Ancient Egypt

June 5, 2020

There were many “great” women who became powerful figures in Ancient Egyptian society.

What made these women powerful? How did they influence the lives of the common people? Why did their husbands, the pharaohs hold them in such high regard? Let’s travel five thousand years back in time to walk with the queens of Ancient Egypt.

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Use this Britannica School (Australia) Middle Level Resource Pack ↗ to help middle school students complete the following activities. It contains articles and multimedia.

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Britannica School (New Zealand) Middle level resource pack ↗
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  1. Select one queen from Ancient Egyptian times and create a Queen of Ancient Egypt Biography detailing the queen’s duties as a wife to the Pharaoh and the power she held in society.
  2. Create a journal entry based on the life of a Queen of Ancient Egypt. Include details that describe major events that impacted the pharaoh, the Egyptian people or the queen personally.
  3. Compare two Ancient Egyptian queens using the Venn Diagram Comparing the Queens. In what ways were these women similar and how were they different?
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