Britannica Resources now Feature Google Classroom and Google Sign-in

July 24, 2018

Life just got easier for Google users. Britannica’s institutional resources now integrate with Google classroom tools in a whole new way.

To enable these free features for your institution, please contact Britannica Support.

Google Classroom

ImageQuest users have long had the ability to save files from ImageQuest directly to Google Drive. Now all content, such as articles, videos, and images from Britannica School, Britannica Library and Britannica Academic can also be shared directly to your Google Classroom from within each resource, whenever you see the Google Classroom icon.

Share to Google Classroom in Britannica School
Share articles and media to Google Classroom with one click from within Britannica School

Subscribers to Britannica LaunchPacks will also be able to share standard and customised packs.

Share entire packs with your class via Google Classroom

Google Sign-in

Have one less set of logins to remember – now users of all Britannica resources have the option of accessing their personal Britannica account e.g. “My Britannica” and “My Research”, directly via their Google Sign-in.

Students and teachers can now access their personal Britannica accounts, such as “My Britannica” and “My Research”, directly using their Google accounts.

Enjoy the convenience of seamless integration into your current Google environment, contact us to enable these features for your institution.

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