Looking Up 2023: Britannica Publishes Year in Review

December 19, 2023

What did we look up in 2023?

What were our top look-ups in 2023? Britannica Education publishes its 2023 Year in Review, showcasing the top trends in search among schools, libraries and universities in the Asia Pacific region.

Australian Schools

In 2023, Aussie students and educators looked for answers on Britannica more than 3.5 million times. Schools from New South Wales led the charge, accounting for over a third of all articles read! NSW and WA were also the most fastidious fact-finders, each conducting 60% and 46% more searches compared to 2022, respectively. Your most looked up content in 2023 included Australia, Ancient Egypt and koalas.

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New Zealand Schools

Students in New Zealand spent thousands of hours on Britannica in 2023. Your main focus? Learning about iconic New Zealanders, global events, and the workings of our natural world.Your most looked up content in 2023 included plate tectonics, energy and cholera.

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Schools in Asia

In 2023, students across Asia trusted Britannica to help them discover historical events and cultures. Queries from South Korea, Vietnam and Singapore topped the regional search tally, while learners in Indonesia increased their visits by over 55%. Your most looked up content in 2023 included World War II, the Holocaust and Ancient Greece.

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What’s trending? Britannica articles that saw the biggest absolute increase in readership, compared to 2022.

Australian Libraries

To the library community in Australia, we loved that your curiosity knew no bounds. Your searches on Britannica covered a wonderfully diverse range of people, events, and topics. Your most looked up content in 2023 included Kangaroos, Pierre Augustus Renoir and Jainism.

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New Zealand Libraries

Britannica was an even more popular hub for New Zealand library-goers in 2023. Compared to 2022, 65% more searchers came to Britannica to look up people and places beyond Aotearoa shores. Your most looked up content in 2023 included Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal and Easter Island.

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Tertiary Institutions in the Asia Pacific

For higher education students and scholars from Asia and Oceania, Britannica continued to be a trusted destination for research. Exploring a wide range of disciplines, you set out to understand the context and science behind some of the year’s top headlines. Across the region, universities in the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand performed the most searches. Your most looked up content in 2023 included Mary Jackson, Palestine and Artificial Intelligence.

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