Classroom Activities: The Human Body

November 4, 2019

The human body is an intricate collection of organs and body systems. These systems work together to keep our bodies functioning, growing, and moving. The following activities set out to help primary and middle school students learn more about how the human body works!

Primary School

Use this Britannica School Primary level resource pack to help you with the following activities. It contains articles, images and videos to describe some of the most important parts that make up the human body.


  1. What purpose does each labelled body part serve? Use the Body Systems Graphic Organiser to record ideas.
  2. How does that body part interact with other body parts? Use the Flow Chart Graphic Organiser to record the interactions.

Middle School

Use this Britannica School Middle level resource pack to help you with the following activities. It contains articles and multimedia to explain the systems within the human body that work together to perform the necessary functions of life.


  1. Choose a body system (Respiratory, Circulatory, Lymphatic, Endocrine, Digestive, etc.) and map out the sequence of events that occur within this system from beginning to end.
  2. Use the Timeline Graphic Organiser to record the process.

These activities and resources have been created using content from Britannica School, the go-to site for safe, comprehensive student research. Contact your librarian to find out if your institution already has access. Find out more about Britannica School or set up your own free trial.

Featured Image from Britannica School: Vintage anatomy charts of the human body showing the skeletal and muscle systems. © Andreadonetti/

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