Kaupapa Moana! Splash into Seaweek

January 31, 2019

Reconnect your students with the wonders of the sea and learn about its characteristics and inhabitants using some of these Britannica inspired activities.

Seaweek is an annual celebration in New Zealand that recognises all things to do with the sea. Seaweek – Kaupapa Moana 2019 will take place from 2 March until 10 March. This year’s theme is “Tiakina o Tātou Mōana – Care for our Seas.”

The following activities are designed for Primary (Elementary) school students and use resources from Britannica School and other online sources. Contact your library staff to see if your institution already has access to Britannica School or claim your own free trial.

Activity: Why Should We Celebrate?

Brainstorm a list of reasons why Seaweek should be celebrated each year. Students use the ideas to create a statement about what Seaweek is and why the sea is important to them.

Activity: Our Local Sea

Using the Word Atlas tool from Britannica, have the students locate and name different seas and oceans near New Zealand.

  • Locate the seas and oceans that surround New Zealand.
  • What is the closest beach or sea to their school?
  • What is the closest river or lake to their school?

Activity: Our Marine Environment Artwork

Discuss and list all the things that make up marine environments e.g. fish, mammals, beach, sand, rocks, coral, islands, waves etc.

Have students imagine what a marine environment is like using their five senses. Then complete the Five Senses Chart with descriptive words. Students use their imagined characteristics to create an artwork showing the ocean and its features.

Activity: Sea Creatures!

Explore which sea creatures are found in New Zealand’s marine environments. Use the following Britannica articles to assist with your research.

Use the Animal Research Graphic Organiser to assist with your research.

Other Sources were referenced to create this post:
NZAEE Seaweek (2019) Resources, downloads, books and information for Seaweek [online] Available at: http://www.seaweek.org.nz/resources-downloads/ [Accessed 31 Jan. 2019].

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