Britannica LaunchPacks: Humanities and Social Sciences

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Over 1200 customisable, multimedia content sets covering hundreds of Humanities and Social Sciences topics.

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Why LaunchPacks: Humanities and Social Sciences

Spend less time searching and vetting resources online. LaunchPacks: Humanities and Social Sciences features over 1200 handpicked content sets, covering topics from World History to Economics and Business – all curriculum-aligned to easily fit into your day to day lessons.

Years 3-5

Australian Gold Rushes

This pack contains

  • subject 2 Articles
  • image 4 Images
  • video_library 1 Video
  • create 1 Learning Resource
Years 6-8

The Middle Ages: Civilizations of Europe

This pack contains

  • subject 4 Articles
  • image 1 Image
  • video_library 1 Video
  • label_outline 1 Primary Source
  • repeat 1 Interactive
  • create 1 Learning Resource
Years 9-12

World War I: Technology

This pack contains

  • subject 6 Articles
  • image 11 Images
  • create 1 Learning Resource
Remote Learning

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Build personalised learning experiences with LaunchPacks

We equip you with manageable ways to differentiate learning.

Create classes

Group your students into Classes based on different learning needs. You can also import existing classes from your Google Classroom account.

Customise content

Differentiate learning by changing the contents of a Pack. You have full control; edit, delete or upload your own materials.

Adjust reading levels

Articles come in 3 reading levels, so every student can access the same content. For those who need an extra bit of help, built-in tools like read-aloud and translation also come in handy.

Annotate texts

Help students engage more closely with the content. Add annotations to an article or create an excerpt of the full text to highlight key sections.

Differentiate activities

Encourage critical thinking by adding differentiated question sets or learning strategies to a Pack. See responses in real time to ensure students are staying on track.

Diversify learning pathways

Every curious mind is different. Within each Pack, students can chose for themselves which themes, subtopics or media types they want to engage with.

Resources & Updates

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Product Update

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Middle School

Investigate how waves and tides can be harnessed to provide a renewable source of energy. Download your free lesson plan!

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Primary School
Middle School

How does the Earth orbit? Comparatively, how far is each planet from the Sun? Can you make a model of the Solar System and eat it too?

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Primary School

Shake out the back-to-school lethargy in your students with this science activity guaranteed to bring down the (metaphorical) classroom roof.

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