LaunchPacks: HASS

Jump Start Learning with Ready-To-Use, Expertly Compiled Humanities & Social Sciences Resources!

Save planning time, enhance classroom activities and build active engagement with text through tools such as annotation with Britannica’s newest digital classroom resource, Britannica LaunchPacks: Humanities & Social Sciences (HASS). Teachers can integrate ready-to-use content sets – curated to match their PreK-12 HASS Curriculum – with their classroom lessons.

One convenient interface streamlines searching among over 1,200 current, trustworthy and relevant LaunchPacks, which cover World History, Ancient Civilisations, Geography, Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business.

✓ Organised, customisable, curriculum aligned resource.

Ideal for activities, assignments and lesson planning.

✓ Enable student inquiry.

Support for differentiated instructions.

Schedule reminders in your personal calendar.