Britannica LaunchPacks: Social Studies

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Over 1800 customisable multimedia content sets covering hundreds of topics aligned to the K-12 Social Studies Curriculum.

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Why LaunchPacks: Social Studies

LaunchPacks: Social Studies features a growing collection of multimedia content sets covering topics from American History to Economics and Business. Standards-aligned and highly versatile, LaunchPacks allow teachers to help students build important skills while continuing to teach core subject-area content. 

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Grades 3-5

Civil Rights Movement

This pack contains

  • subject 11 Articles
  • image 6 Images
  • video_library 2 Videos
Grades 6-8

Maya: Achievements

This pack contains

  • subject 5 Articles
  • image 5 Images
  • video_library 1 Video
  • present_to_all 1 Pear Deck Activity
Grades 9-12

World War II: The War in Europe

This pack contains

  • subject 8 Articles
  • image 5 Images
  • video_library 5 Videos
  • label_outline 1 Primary Source


Personalized resources at your fingertips

LaunchPacks’ flexibility provides pre-packaged content that is differentiated for unique levels, both in article reading levels and in the types of multimedia content available.

Align instruction to fundamental skills development

Enable student-led inquiry, active reading, and subject-based literacy with organized content sets aligned to the K-12 social studies curriculum.

Save planning time and make students’ learning more productive

Find diverse, trusted resources – articles, images, videos, websites, and primary source documents – curated by educators and experts, ideal for lessons, activities, and projects.

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