Australian Drought Resource Packs for Britannica Library

September 4, 2018

Last month, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology reported that nationally, Australia was experiencing the driest July since 2002. The ABC News website’s coverage states that “some are calling [this] the worst drought in living memory.”

(“Full coverage: Australia’s drought crisis”, ABC News, last accessed 03 Sep 2018)

With large parts of Australia still stricken by drought, use the following resource packs to help student groups and the wider community develop a contextual understanding of this trending topic and why its effects on society and the environment can be so devastating and wide-reaching.

The following lessons are designed for primary and secondary students at all reading levels and contain resources from Britannica Library and other online sources. Contact your library staff to find out if your institution already has access or claim your own Britannica Library free trial.

“Drought in Australia” Foundation – Year 2

This pack contains resources that provide an overview of Drought in Australia and its impact on people and places. Suitable for younger readers.

“Drought” Years 6 – 8

This pack contains resources that touch on the complexity of drought and climate variability, examine social and environmental consequences of drought as well as solutions to combat water shortage.

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